Southwest France is a lush, hilly wine region that occupies the corner bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west, and Spain and the Pyrenees Mountains on the south. The region is home to a string of more than two dozen winemaking appellations whose producers are united by a passion for place. Some of the world’s great grape varieties originated here and many of the area’s lesser-known varieties are grown nowhere else.

Inviting, authentic, and brimming with character, the quality wines of Southwest France await your discovery!

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Ariège IGP
Remote appellation in the Pyrenees, along the border with Andorra and Spain. Three-quarters of production is red wine.
Bergerac AOP
Comté Tolosan IGP
Regional denomination covering the entire winegrowing area of Southwest France. Produces diverse wines of all colors.
Côtes de Gascogne IGP
Known in English as Gascony. Source of one of France’s most widely exported white wines; 75% of production is sold for export.
Côtes du Tarn IGP
Overlaps with Gaillac and straddles the Tarn River. Climate has Atlantic, Mediterranean, and continental influences. Produces red, white, and rosé.
Côtes du Lot IGP
Named for the Lot River, in the northern part of Southwest France. Produces mainly reds and rosés from the native Malbec.
Brulhois AOP
Northwest of Toulouse, in the Garonne River valley. Known for its robust red wines.
Cahors AOP
Renowned for Malbec-based red wines displaying Old World style – i.e., more minerality and structure than South American Malbecs.
Coteaux du Quercy AOP
Equidistant from Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Primary grape is Cabernet Franc; production is strictly red wine.
Fronton AOP
The source of structured reds with velvety tannins made from the Négrette grape. Located just north of Toulouse.
Gaillac AOP
A diverse appellation producing seven distinct styles of wine. Home to Southwest France’s oldest vineyards.
Irouléguy AOP
Situated in the hilly southwest corner of France. One of the country’s smallest wine regions, producing expressive reds, whites, and rosés.
Jurançon AOP
Historic region producing both dry and sweet white wines from local grapes. Tucked in the foothills of the Pyrenees.
Madiran AOP
An appellation in Gascony producing red wines based on the Tannat grape. Occupies the same area as the white wine appellation Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh.
Marcillac AOP
A red-winemaking appellation that’s home to the Fer Servadou grape. Produces friendly wines with a rustic edge.
Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh AOP
A white wine appellation occupying the same zone as Madiran (a red wine region). Source of a rich, sweet white and a crisp, dry white.
Saint Mont AOP
A center of sustainable viticulture in the Pyrenees foothills. Red, white, and rosé wines rich in tradition and flavor, made from native grapes.
Tursan AOP
An appellation benefiting from an ideal climate, unique soils, and distinctive grapes. Producer of red, rosé, and white wines.
Bas-Armagnac AOP
Landes IGP
Aveyron IGP
A hilly area producing food-friendly wines, 80% of which are reds.